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The EAD on mechanical fasteners for use in concrete has been published

  • 10th report from ITeC EOTA Office

Since the publication of the 1st report, on 31 May 2014, 10 reports from the ITeC EOTA office have been brought out on construction products without a harmonised standard and other European news of interest. […]

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More doubts and less speed, but the European construction sector will keep growing

The Euroconstruct winter conference began last November 25th without many expectations of good news for the construction sector in Europe. It was the first opportunity to assess the effects of the Brexit referendum on the construction industry, and as expected the new forecast does not contemplate as much growth as the previous summer forecast. The prospect of European construction growing slightly above 2% may not be very exciting, but we must be aware that this is the average of the 19 countries covered by Euroconstruct, and averages often distort reality. […]

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Third Conference of the EOTA Stakeholder Advisory Group

On November 10, this conference organised by EOTA, European Organisation for Technical Assessment, took place in Brussels. Its purpose was information exchange and debate among the EOTA members and stakeholders. On this occasion, the Conference dealt with: […]

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9th Report from ITeC EOTA office

The latest Report from ITeC EOTA Office, concerning construction products without harmonized standards, is available. Regulations, European Commission, European Technical Assessment… are some of the sections of this report number 9.

The Reports of ITeC EOTA Office regularly compile information and the most important documents […]

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About 4.000 European Technical Assessment-ETA applications in Europe

On October 12 and 13, the 13th meeting of the EOTA Technical Board took place in Coimbra. According to EOTA’s Secretariat, on the 8th of September 3.920 ETA applications had been received since the 1st of July 2013. Of these applications, the organisation members […]

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The views of the EU on public procurement issues on the Barcelona Euroconstruct Conference

The European Commission will present on the next November Euroconstruct conference in Barcelona the latest European strategy on public procurement. This is a key issue for the construction sector, given that almost a third of all construction activity in Europe […]

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