Verification of glued connection is a fundamental factor in ventilated façade systems in which the cladding element (panel) is glued to the metallic profile of the subframe (typically composed of vertical profiles and brackets fixed to the supporting structure).

Procedures to perform this verification, even if they are relatively simple, can only be found in each adhesive manufacturer’s technical documentation. This procedure has not yet been established in a generalised way and considering the Spanish regulation.

Having been detected this need and based on the acquired experience in ITeC on this type of façade systems assessment, here is provided a simplified calculation procedure for verifying the glued connection in external wall cladding systems.

This document has been developed to be applied in ventilated façade external wall cladding systems composed of discontinuous elements (panels, boards, tiles, slabs, lamas, etc.) fixed by means of an adhesive system to a metallic vertical profile. This adhesive system is mainly composed of the adhesive bead and the primer for the pre-treatment of the surfaces to be connected (other ancillary components such as foam tape and surface cleaning agents may also be part of the adhesive system).

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