ITeC has granted the Document of Assessment for fitness of Use (DAU) to BASF Española SL for the following product:

  • DAU 17/104 to Elastospray LWP 1672/1: IsoPMDI 92140

A two-component closed-cell polyurethane foam system applied in situ for thermal insulation which also contributes to the waterproofing of the façade, in both new-build and refurbished constructions.

This product constitutes a new generation of Elastospray foam with ultra-low global-warming potential.

The two components of this system are:

  • Component A (polyol): Elastospray LWP 1672/1 consists of a mixture of polyols, containing catalysts, stabilizers, flame retardants and HFO (hydrofluoroolefin), as an innovative expanding agent. This component does not contain HCFC or HFC.
  • Component B (isocyanate): IsoPMDI 92140, MDI (diphenylmethane diisocyanate).

Once applied by projection with the appropriate machinery, these components form a rigid and continuous closed-cell foam adhered to all of the treated surface.

The product is manufactured at the BASF production plant in Rubí (Barcelona).