On March 6 and 7, the meeting of EOTA Technical Management – PT1 Working Group took place in ITeC. The most important point was the discussion on the possible modification of the construction product Regulation Annex II. This annex includes the procedure for the European Assessment Document-EAD adoption. The resulting document introduces relevant improvements to Annex II and It will be sent to the pertinent EOTA organs for consideration and approval, and finally to the European Commission.

Besides, the discussion on a checklist proposal for the EAD writers was initiated. This proposal was drawn up based on a compilation of comments made by the Commission on EADs, carried out during the Commission consultation phase.

PT1 is a horizontal working group dealing with the technical subjects needing special attention within the framework of EOTA, European Organisation for Technical Assessment. It is made up of representatives of the technical assessment bodies, with experience in the EOTA activities.

Institute representatives at the meeting: OIB, PT1 convenor (Austria), ETA-DK (Denmark), BBA (United Kingdom), ITeC (Spain), ITB (Poland), DIBt (Germany), UBAtc (Belgium), EOTA Project Manager, and EAD head at Brussels office. The candidate to TB Chair, from ITCSTC (Italy), also attended.

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