The Af Systems Srl company has obtained 3 certificates of performance constancy for the following fire penetration sealing products: 1220-CPR-1783 per a MulticollarAF, 1220-CPR-1784 per a AF Collar C i 1220-CPR -1785 per a AF Necklace.

We have also granted the 1220-CPR-1679 certificate to the ULMA Architectural Solutions company for their Vanguard product, an exterior cladding kit of agglomerated stone for ventilated façades. This certificate applies to the following products:

  • Vanguard full kit: complete coating kit including the cladding element, the cladding fixings and the substructure components.
  • Vanguard medium kit: minimum coating kit, which includes only the cladding element and the cladding fastenings.
  • Vanguard basic: includes only the cladding element.

The firm of Atlante Srl has obtained the certificate 1220-CPR-1786 for its Atlante AGM Spherical Bearings. These are structural supports in which the constraining material is a fluoropolymer, in accordance with ETS 16/0974 and EAD 050009-00-0301.

With the granting of the corresponding certificates, the three companies can now publicly promote the features and performance of these products with the relevant CE marking in accordance with the EU regulation 305/2011.