On 16.11.2018, the reference to the European Assessment Document EAD 090062-00-0404 “Kits for external wall claddings mechanically fixed was published in the Official Journal of the European Union, through Communication 2018/C 417/07. The full text can be consulted on the EOTA website, section “Our Publications“.

The EAD covers kits for ventilated and non-ventilated facades with mechanically cladding elements, as did ETAG 034, now replaced by the EAD. This EAD is the result of the conversion work of ETAG 034 to an EAD, taking into account the criteria of the Construction Products Regulation and some new features, introduced at the request of the European Commission.

From the date of publication, the new European Technical Assessments-ETA of these products will be issued in accordance with this EAD, to make its CE marking possible.

The conversion work has been carried out by an EOTA working group led by ITeC.

The working group consisted of institutes from Austria, Germany, Belgium, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic, as well as the European Aluminium Association (EAA) and the European Union of Developers and House Builders (UEPC).

At the EOTA level, ITeC is one of the most active institutes in the field of facades (ventilated facades, ETICS, Vetures, etc.) and is a reference institute in the field of kits, in which it has developed multiple documents within the European organization, as well as EADs.

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