The ITeC has issued two new ETA (European Technical Assessment) certificates, one modification and one conversion of a DITE certification to an ETA.

New ETAs:

  • An ETA 16/0827 to the product SEH® Constructive System, manufactured by Sustainable Energy & Housing SL. These three-dimensional, transportable and reusable prefabricated structural building units consist of armatures of welded hot-rolled steel sections, connecting pieces and other components required for structural stability.
  • An ETA 17/0355 to the product Faveton® SAH (ceramic tiles Ceram 20, Ceram 28 & Acqua 20), manufactured by Faveton Terracota SL, which is used as exterior cladding on ventilated façades to screen out rain.


  • An ETA 16/0519 to the product Vanguard, manufactured by Ulma Architectural Solutions.

Conversion from DITE to ETA:

  • An ETA 11/0306 to the product M5 and Futura, manufactured by Ibermodul SA. This interior partitioning kit comprises the series M5 and Futura, which are assembled from standard modular units consisting of a metal framework covered by opaque partition panels, glazed sections and doors in a great variety of combinations.

The ETA is the European document which details the technical evaluation of performance of a product that is not covered, wholly or in part, by a harmonised technical specification. The ETA is drawn up by ITeC as an authorised Technical Assessment Body (TAB) and approved in the context of the European Organisation for Technical Assessment (EOTA).

ITeC has been an authorised body for the evaluation of innovative and non-harmonised construction products within EOTA since 1996 and was designated as a TAB for all Product Areas covered by that Regulation under the new (EU) No 305/2011 in March 2013.

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