The organizing committee of the symposium ‘Lean Construction Barcelona 2017 – Experiences in the Application of Lean in Spain’ is planning to put together an inventory of the range of Lean Construction actions carried out in Spain since the introduction of Lean principles in 2010.

The data obtained will make it possible to draw up an evolutionary map and an analysis of the fields of action and the results achieved thanks to Lean practices, while at the same time constituting a valuable source of knowledge.

The first deadline for the presentation of actions is November 6th. Activities related to the construction process of a building or infrastructure will be considered eligible, as will publicising and informative events, training activities and publications in any medium or support.

From that date on Lean Barcelona by ITeC will continue to register and process the various actions submitted for inclusion, so that a fully updated inventory can be presented at the next Lean symposium, currently scheduled for May 2018.

With the data thus obtained, an evolutionary map of Lean actions carried out in Spain over the last few years will be elaborated, analyzing the fields of action and the results achieved from the implementation of Lean practices, to provide a valuable source of knowledge.

Once all the information has been analyzed and structured, it will be made publicly available via the portals of Lean Barcelona by ITeC and the Spanish Group for Lean Construction.

In addition, the summary report of the actions received for consideration will be presented at the forthcoming LIPS2017 conference, which will take place in Santiago de Chile on the 5th, 6th and 7th of December.

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