The Technical Committee of the 4th Nearly Zero Energy Buildings Congress (EECN – Edificios de Energía Casi Nula) has selected the paper entitled ‘Estimation of the Energy Consumption of All the Elements of a Building from its Design’, by Licinio Alfaro, Jose Lucas and Gloria Díez, of ITeC’s Department of Sustainable Construction, for publication in the Book of Communications of the Congress held last December.

The article focuses on the change in the structure of the ITeC environmental database, which makes it possible to analyse the environmental impact for the greater part of the life cycle of materials and products, not only during manufacturing and in the construction process but now also during their subsequent use. Until now, only the information on the energy consumed in producing, transporting and installing these elements has been available, but with the newly incorporated indicators it is possible not only to determine the future energy cost they represent but also to carry out a sustainability analysis of a construction project.

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