In the 17th report from ITeC EOTA Office, the main topic is the advance of the deadline to finish the ETA Guidelines conversion to European Assessment Documents-EAD. EOTA has committed to the Commission to finalize the largest number possible of conversions by the end of this year.

Also notable is the publication of 12 EAD in the two last EAD Communications in the Official Journal of the European Union, of which eight are new EAD, three are amendments of EAD already published and one corresponds to the conversion of ETA Guideline 001-6. This last deals with fasteners for use in concrete for redundant non-structural applications.

The new list of published EADs includes EAD 260009-00-0301 “Processed bottom ash from municipal solid waste incinerators as type II addition for production of concrete, mortar and grout”, developed by ITeC within the framework of EOTA.

The Reports from ITeC EOTA Office regularly compile information -news with comments- and relevant documents issued at European level, based on EOTA meetings and documents circulated through this organisation.

EOTA is the European Organisation for Technical Assessment dealing with products either not covered by any harmonised standard or deviating from an existing harmonised standard. As a member of EOTA, ITeC participates actively in all levels of this European Organisation.

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