Dated on 20.03.2019, the Commission Implementing Decision (UE) 2019/450 was published in the Official Journal of the European Union, which includes the list of the latest European Assessment Documents-EAD endorsed by the Commission.

The use of this legal instrument is in accordance with the new procedure established by the Commission for the harmonized standards publication, which also applies for the EADs. The implementing decision is a higher legal rank instrument than the communications used by the Commission until last year.

This implementing decision includes the following EADs:

  • 040427-00-0404 Kits for external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS) with mortar as thermal insulation product and renderings or discontinuous claddings as exterior skin
  • 060012-00-0802 Kit consisting of chimney flue liner, made of glass fibres, mineral and organic substances, and ancillaries
  • 090119-00-0404 Kits for external wall claddings of mineral boards with renderings applied in-situ
  • 090120-00-0404 Kits for non-load bearing mineral board external wall systems
  • 130031-00-0304 Metal web beams and columns
  • 130082-00-0603 Façade fixing system – plastic bracket for fixing timber or wood based elements to the substructure
  • 260014-00-0301 Calcined layer silicate based type II addition

EADs 040427-00-0404, 090119-00-0404 and 090120-00-0404 were developed by ITeC within the EOTA framework.

These documents can be consulted on EOTA website under the heading ‘Our Publications’. A follow-up of the new EAD published can be found quarterly in In the Reports of EOTA Office.