Report no.19 of ITeC EOTA Office draws attention to the introduction of improvements in the European standardisation system, under Regulation 1025/2012 on the European standardisation. Since it became effective in 2013, this regulation has been used as the main judicial framework in this field, and it comprises the responsibilities and obligations division of the stakeholders involved.

In view of the needs detected and in accordance with the case law of the EU Court of Justice, it is considered that the practical application of this framework requires concrete improvements, as soon as possible.

For this reason, dated 22.11.2018, the Commission published the Communication COM(2018) 764 “Harmonised standards: Enhancing transparency and legal certainty for a fully functioning Single Market”, in which four measures have been proposed in order to improve the implementation of Regulation 1025/2012. The start-up is foreseen to be immediate.

The Reports of ITeC EOTA Office regularly compile information – news with comments – and relevant documents issued at European level, based on EOTA meetings and documents circulated through this organisation.

EOTA is the European Organisation for Technical Assessment dealing with products either not covered by any harmonised standard or deviating from an existing harmonised standard. As a member of EOTA, ITeC participates actively in all levels of this European Organisation.

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