There are important developments at European Assessment Documents-EAD level, especially of kits for external wall claddings and external thermal insulation composite systems-ETICS.

Ten EAD had been published in the Official Journal of the European Union-OJEU, of which EAD 0900062-00-0404 is the conversion to an EAD from the ETA Guideline (ETAG) 034 on kits for external wall claddings. ETAG 004 and 017 conversion works of kits for ETICS with renderings and prefabricated units, respectively, are well advanced. And there are more than fifteen ongoing EADs, one of which is as yet not published.

The available EADs have made possible the elaboration of a significant number of European Technical Assessments-ETA. ITeC has developed and issued ETAs from a major part of these EAD and especially of the three ETAG object of conversion.

At present, there is a wide range of products with CE marking for external wall claddings and ETICS, in continuous growth, available to technicians, installers and contractors.

EOTA Office and Quality Product Department of ITeC have elaborated the articleExternal wall claddings and external thermal insulation composite systems-ETICS in the European assessment documents”, which gives an overview on the EADs of these products.

For each EAD there is a description of the products covered and the systems in which they are applied, as well as their intended use and observations of interest.


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