ITeC extends participation in EOTA

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ITeC extends participation in EOTA

  • news-eota-19-02-2018

Since 1997, ITeC has been a member of EOTA-European Organisation for Technical Assessment, a framework in which it elaborates European Technical Assessments for CE marking for innovative products and for products without a harmonised standard.

In recent months, ITeC has extended participation in this European organisation, by incorporating representatives into two working groups and into a management organ.

ITeC participates in the following groups:

Working groups for the ETA Guidelines conversion into European Assessment Documents:

  • ETAG 004 Working Group External thermal insulation composite system (ETICS). : María Bento and Elisa Guerra
  • ETAG 028 Working Group Fire retardant products. : Alberto Diego (leader)
  • ETAG 030 Working Group Dowels for structural joints.: Jordi Navarro
  • ETAG 034 Working Group Cladding kits. : María Bento (leader)

Horizontal Working Groups:

  • PT1 Technical Management. : Santiago del Pozo
  • PT9 Dangerous substances. : Santiago del Pozo
  • PT10 Seismic actions. : María Bento
  • PT12 Rep.: Licinio Alfaro

Management and technical organs:

  • Technical Board and General Assembly: Rep.: Santiago del Pozo
  • Executive Board. Rep.: Santiago del Pozo

ITeC also undertakes a follow-up of other working group documents, through its participation in the Technical Board.

European Assessment Documents are European technical specifications for the elaboration of European Technical Assessments-ETA. For more information, see the ITeC website, EOTA information section.