By mid April 2019, almost 830 European Technical Assessments-ETA had already been issued for fire protective products, especially: reactive coatings, mortars, boards, slabs and mats, penetration and joint sealing products, and fire retardants.

These European Technical Assessments-ETA have been issued based on the fire protective products ETA Guidelines -ETAG 018, 026 and 028- used as EAD, or the corresponding conversions to EAD-European Assessment Documents.

ITeC has developed and issued ETAs for all the product families indicated above, both for national and international manufacturers.

At present, there is a wide range of passive fire protection products with CE marking – based on ETAs related to these ETAG and EAD – which are available to technicians, installers and contractors to solve with the best reliability most of the onsite points with fire protection requirements.

EOTA Office and the Product Quality Department of ITeC drew up the article “Fire protective products in European Assessment Documents”, which gives an overview of these EAD products. For each EAD, there is a description of the products covered and the systems in which they are applied, as well as their intended use, and there are also observations of interest.

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