In Report No. 23 from ITeC EOTA Office, Article 19 of the Construction Products Regulation is highlighted as the gateway to the European market for products that are not covered by a harmonised standard. It is a route to CE making used by both large corporations and SMEs which have an important presence. Its application is backed up by nearly 8.200 ETA issued in Europe.

Besides, it deals with the agreement signed by EOTA with the American organisation ICC-ES. The latter develops documents similar to EADs and ETAs for products without a standard and, particularly, for new and innovative products.

The Reports of ITeC EOTA Office regularly compile information – news with comments – and relevant documents issued at European level, based on EOTA meetings and documents circulated through this organisation.

EOTA is the European Organisation for Technical Assessment dealing with products either not covered by any harmonised standard or deviating from an existing harmonised standard. As a member of EOTA, ITeC participates actively at all levels of this European Organisation.

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