ITeC has already met with most of the companies participating in the ITeC Impulsa program, where the process of private investment search has been commented and the necessary templates have been delivered to prepare the documentation that the investor requires to value the opportunity.

ITeC has explained how to complete the templates, which consists of: an informative document explaining the investment opportunity, a business plan where income and expenses are modeled to make projections at 5 years and detect what is the financial need, an evaluation of the project and an executive summary of the investment opportunity. ITeC has also provided a list of potential investors to contact and explain the project.

Soon, we will start preparing meetings with investors.

ITeC Impulsa is a competitive program that helps to seek private financing to Catalan SMEs that have solutions for the promotion of the circular economy in the construction sector, subsidized by the Agència de Residus de Catalunya.

The program started in early 2019 and the participating companies are:

Good luck with the investment search!