Project Description


Achievement of the maximum content of recycled material in the construction sector databases

Incorporate the information related to the content of recycled material to all elements/products of the BEDEC Bank of ITeC.


Encourage the selection of more sustainable solutions and the use of these indicators during the process of drafting/implementing a construction project and at the same time favoring the green circular public procurement.

The use of recycled materials in the construction works will favor the reduction of the environmental impact of the buildings and promote the construction sector towards the circular economy.

Project coordinator: ITeC
Funding framework: Ajuts pel Foment de l’Economia Circular 2019 de l’Agència de Residus de Catalunya
  Budget: 69.010,52 €
Period: From 01/12/2019 to 30/11/2021
Contruïm Circular eCOBim