Project Description


BIM Object Library

Generate useful BIM objects for tenders of the Barcelona City Council:

  • to feed the current BIM Object Library offered by the ITeC
  • that provide resources to technicians for the drafting of building regeneration and construction projects
  • to facilitate the comparison of proposals by the Barcelona City Council considering environmental criteria (the standard that organizes the information of the objects will allow to add the environmental data once the way of doing so has been decided)
  • to facilitate the communication of interested parties throughout the life cycle of the building -planning, design, construction, use, maintenance and deconstruction-.


  • promotes collaboration between the agents involved by offering open source digital models of the buildings
  • facilitates the evaluation and comparison of proposals by the promoter (public or private) thanks to incorporating all product specifications within the BIM object
  • it will favor the writing of sustainable projects thanks to the possibility of incorporating environmental information

Project coordinator: ITeC
Funding framework: Subsidies for the realization of projects, activities and services of district and city of the City Council of Barcelona
  Budget: 17.400,00 €
Period: From 04/03/2019 to 20/12/2019


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