Project Description


Education for Zero Energy Buildings using Building Modelling Information

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The construction industry in Europe:

  • Is experiencing a digital revolution with the BIM;
  • Faces great challenges to achieve energy efficiency goals

BIMzeED develops learning units to include current training courses and cover existing needs.


  1. A better employability;
  2. Low carbon growth;
  3. Green skills and nZEB (near Zero Energy Buildings);
  4. Increase in youth employment.


  • 12-16 Learning units
  • Training of 120 educators
  • 400-500 students

Project coordinator: LIT
Grant agreement number: 600946
Funding framework: Erasmus+, Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices (KA2) – Knowledge Alliances for higher education
Budget: 955.633 €
Period: From 01/11/2018 to 31/10/2021


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