Project Description


Digitization of environmental data in BIM objects

  • We need more than 2 tons of raw materials for every m2 of housing we build
  • The amount of energy associated with the manufacture of the materials that make up a home can amount to approximately one third of the energy consumption of a family over a period of 50 years, buildings represent 40% of the final energy consumption of the European Union
  • The production of construction and demolition waste exceeds the annual ton per inhabitant.

Define the criteria for digitizing the environmental data of construction products within the eCOB – BIM Object Creation Standard – developed by the ITeC.
The ITeC is generating a catalog of BIM objects. To structure the information contained in these objects, the eCOB standard has been developed and it is necessary to define how environmental information is incorporated.

It will allow to know the environmental impact of the buildings that have been modeled using BIM software.
It will be possible to make decisions about the materials and manage the use of buildings to reduce their impacts and achieve virtually null consumption buildings (nZEB).

Project coordinator: ITeC
Funding framework: Subsidies for the realization of projects, activities and services of district and city of the City Council of Barcelona
Budget: 24.000,00 €
Period: From 04/03/2019 to 20/12/2019