Project Description


Ecological cellular structural system for a Building model for Climate Change Mitigation and Forest value enhancement

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According to Directive 2012/27/EU, the objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions between 80% and 95% by 2050 compared to 1990.

The buildings represent 40% of the final energy consumption of the EU. Therefore, EcoTimberCell proposes to develop a wooden cellular structural system.

  • Negative CO2 footprint from local woods;
  • Economic envelopes and with low energy demand;
  • Reduction of the energy cost at the end of the building’s useful life.

Result: Prototipe

Project coordinator: USC
Grant Agreement number: LIFE17 CCM/ES/000074
Funding framework: LIFE Climate Change Mitigation
Budget: 2.000.642 €
Period: From 01/09/2018 to 31/12/2021


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