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A POsitive Energy CITY Transformation Framework

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  • In 2015, 75% of the population lives in urban areas, accounting for 60-80% of global energy consumption
  • In 2016, 4.2M people died due to high levels of air pollution due to the transport sector and the energy inefficiency of the building stock (97% of the stock is energy inefficient)
  • In the coming decades, electricity generation will vary drastically from a centralized production by fossil fuel plants towards a decentralized generation, mainly by local home and district systems operating at the micro-network level. A need for network flexibility is detected.

POCITYF project
10 solutions will be developed, tested and monitored to the cities Evora (PT) and Alkmaar (NL) that will act as examples and help the follower cities (Granada, Bari, Celje, Ujpest, Ioannina and Hvidovre) to plan and start the replication of the deployed solutions, which will work for the following objectives:

  • Increase energy savings and produce / consume renewable energy locally at the building and district level.
  • Maximize self-consumption, reduce network stress and increase financial value through network flexibility services.
  • Reduce the impact of e-mobility on the energy system, increase e-vehicles that use renewable energy sources, promote decarbonization of the mobility sector and reduce the mobility costs of citizens.
  • Encourage citizens to co-create value through proven solutions, create an open innovation ecosystem between different sets of experimentation and empower consumers to become “prosumers” customers, allowing them to earn income on electricity.

A total of 46 partners from 13 countries participate in POCITYF with the objective of having energy efficient cities (including protected / cultural buildings).

Project coordinator: Labelec – EDPL
Grant agreement number: 864400
Funding framework: LC-SC3-SCC-01-2019 IA – Smart Cities and Communities
Budget: 22.495.362,00 €
Duration: 60 months (5 years)
More info: Pocityf


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