ITeC welcomes “In albis”, a photographic exhibition that collects buildings under renovation from nine diferent countries. Authorship by Josep Fontana, who has observed how often the facades of buildings undergoing major works are protected with white tarps.

Hidden behind the tarps, buildings lose their identity for a while. The proof is that when we see the photographs so we are unable to recognize whether we are in front of an apartment block in Central Europe, a library in Scandinavia or an Anglo-Saxon hospital.

These temporary wrappers have become the kind of image that the common man associates with building renovation. A few years ago there was talk of “landscape of cranes” referring to the abundance of new buildings under construction; maybe we are gradually steering towards a much healthier “landscape of tarps”. This exhibition anticipates what such a landscape might look like.

The exhibition was launched during the Renovation Week and it will be open to visitors until March 31st 2015 at ITeC’s conference room on 19 Wellington Street, Barcelona.

Opening hours: 10 to 14 and 16 to 18 hours from Monday to Thursday, 10 to 14 hours on Fridays