This new software is based on the TCQ2000 methodology and makes the most of the advantages of IT (internet environment, graphic platforms) that allow users to work in their own virtual space on the cloud, regardless of the kind of device they are using, and with seamless updates of software and storage. Being a virtual tool allows access at all times to the documentation and management of the construction site; which means that economic statements can be issued from the site itself, among other features. Many of the improvements have been suggested by the users of the earlier versions of TCQ2000.

As happened with TCQ2000, TCQiis presented as a software tool to manage in a joint and integrated way all the data regarding technical, economic and schedule issues involved in the construction process. It is structured in different modules, which can be used separately if required.

The first phase is currently under development and is expected to be implemented over the course of the next year 2015. It includes the following modules:

Module for building maintenance.

Module for budgeting (with functions to export/import budgets to the cloud in display mode or in edit mode compatible with both TCQ2000 and TCQi).

Module for economic statements with the functions required to issue a statement.

The creation and development of this software is funded by: Regional Government of Catalonia through, Barcelona City Council through Bimsa, Girona City Council, Barcelona Provincial Council, Lleida Provincial Council, Girona Provincial Counciland Barcelona Metropolitan Area.

ITeC’s objective is to contribute to the quality improvement of the construction sector in order to make it efficient and innovative, which is why since the creation of the institute in 1978, it has developed tools, systems and methods for the different stakeholders in the sector. The TCQ methodology of defining and tracking the parameters of time, cost and quality was used during the construction works for the 1992 Olympics Games in Barcelona; and afterwards has been adopted for most of the infrastructure projects developed by the Regional Government of Catalonia, the Barcelona City Council and the Barcelona Harbour among other public agencies. TCQ is also being used in the construction projects developed by the Colombian and the Ecuador Governments.