The beta version of the energy tool of the SPEEDIER project is on the market. This is a web application that will allow SPEEDIER experts to enter on-site data from energy audits and provide customers with saving measures that suit their needs, providing cost, economic return and an assessment of energy savings. After the great reception at the last Workshop held on December 2nd and 3rd, we know that it will provide a new perspective of joint cooperation between Speedier Experts and SMEs.

The tool, once the data of the consumers, the building and its location have been entered, proposes a series of annual energy saving measures that will be of great help to see the best investment scenario, since you will know the economic and energy return that you will perceive. Later, you can monitor the application of the measures and check the real savings by periods.

The Speedier project is a highly innovative one-stop-shop solution that applies an integrated approach to energy management: it provides information, advice, capacity building, financing, implementation of energy efficiency solutions and impact monitoring. In addition, it aims to break all the barriers that SMEs face, making it easy and economically feasible.

ITeC, which is part of the European SPEEDIER project, has been the leader in the development of this tool thanks to the work previously carried out. As of today, both ITeC and all SPEEDIER partners are working hard to continue improving functionalities and adding new ones to complete its final version in September 2021.

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