The main objective of the EU project Houseful (systemic eco-innovative approaches for the circular economy: large-scale demonstration projects) is to develop and demonstrate in four large-scale residential buildings a new approach to innovative integrated services focused on the optimization of the consumption of water, energy and material resources and the treatment of waste for all stages of the life cycle of recently constructed buildings (0-10 years) and above all for the refurbishment or renovation of existing buildings (more than 10 years).

ITeC will play an active part in the creation of a methodology for quantifying and evaluating the degree of circularity of a building and the characterization of the BIM elements with which the demonstration buildings will be configured, in the generation of the BIM models for the demos, and in the evaluation of the circularity of buildings.

The institute will also be involved in putting forward circular constructive solutions, in the definition of the business model for the viable solutions and in the monitoring of the buildings in the demonstration and in the analysis of data.

These actions are being carried out within the Houseful project funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 to the tune of 7.86 million euros. The project, with a duration of 54 months, is being led by LEITAT, and in addition to ITeC the project partners are Cartif (ES); Alchemia-Nova (AT); Agència de l’Habitatge de Catalunya (ES); Visum Limited (IE); Aiguasol (ES); LGI Consulting (FR); Reinhold Z Reinhardt (AT); Turntoo (NL); Neues Leben Gemeinnützige (AT); European Committee for Coordination of Social Habitat (BE); Water, Environment and Business for Development (ES); Fondazione ICONS (IT); IDP Ingeniería e Arquitectura Iberia (ES), and Homebiogas (IL).