The housing sector is a major source of the current global problems of resource depletion and climate change in Europe. In such situation the European Houseful project was launched in May 2018, with the aim of changing the paradigm of resource management used during the life cycle of a building.

The project, which presents a methodology to quantify the circularity degree of homes at different stages of its cycle, will run until October 2022 and has recently presented its new website.

With an intuitive design, the user will know all the details about the initiative and the eleven solutions (related to holistic, material, water and waste aspects) that the project proposes to make the use of resources more sustainable. If you want to know more, an option in the menu is centred around the 4 buildings in Barcelona and Vienna in which the final system will be tested. In addition, you can keep updated with the dates of the scheduled events and read the latest news published on related topics.

The contents will be implemented as the project progresses. Subscribing to the newsletter is a good way to stay informed of the latest news.

ITeC takes part in this project and participates actively in the characterization of the BIM elements that will model the demonstration buildings and the definition of the calculation processes and in the relevant KPIs to assess the circular economy of the different solutions.