Introduction to ITeC

The Catalonia Institute of Construction Technology Foundation – ITeC is a private non-profit organization that carries out its activity in the construction sector. It was created in 1978, its Statutes were approved in 1984 and the Institute was entered under number 84 in the Register of Foundations of Catalonia. As a result, the
Foundation has its own legal personality and has full legal capacity to act.

ITeC is defined as innovation support entity, whose main objectives are generating and transferring information and knowledge, and providing technological services that contribute to increase the competitiveness of all the players in the construction sector: professionals, companies and other stakeholders. This objective is framed within ITeC’s commitment to sustainability, understood in its broadest sense including also the technological, economic and social perspectives.

To achieve its foundational purposes, ITeC carries out research, design and development of technology-based products and services for the construction sector.

These activities are planned according to the Work Program and the Annual Budget approved by the Board of Trustees. ITeC’s income arises from clients billing, from voluntary contributions from the Patrons of the Foundation, and from public and private aids.

ITeC perform its tasks without territorial limitation. As required by the Transparency Law 19/2014, ITeC is entered under number 274 in the Catalan Register of Interest Groups, and the key facts can be publicly accessed through the Catalan Transparency Portal.