Quality Policy

The ITeC quality policy is focused on the achievement of the following aims:

  • To satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients.
  • To ensure the safety and health of all workers.
  • To act respecting the environment and improve the efficiency of the institution to strengthen its competitiveness.
  • To be transparent both with the Board, the workers and society in general.

To gain the full confidence of our clients, the institution provides competent human and technical resources that allow us to meet customer’s requirements, those applicable to information security together with legal and regulation requirements; and it also provides the system to ensure that the vested commitments are reached.

To this end, ITeC directs its organization based on the  rules of the Standard ISO 9001 and promotes the use of techniques of planning, control, prevention and improvement of its activity:

  • The study and analysis of the defined and implicit needs of the client.
  • The development of products and services based on a strict observance of the specified requirements and guaranteeing the confidentiality of the information itself and that of its clients.
  • The final delivery of products and services with all the agreed guarantees.

The continuous involvement of staff, which ITeC considers its most valuable assets, is of primary importance and, to this end, ITeC.

  • Promotes continuous education, environmental and preventive awareness, together with the responsability with the information security, communication and teamwork.
  • Promotes equal opportunities for men and women.
  • Encourages the active participation of all members in the development of new processes and problem solving in order to achieve continuous improvement in the areas of quality, health and safety and productivity in the Institute.

ITeC gives utmost importance to the loyal cooperation of its suppliers and co-workers which requires the same degree of professional competence and commitment to quality and safety; That is why ITeC selects its collaborators based on the  criteria of global evaluation of its organization together with its products and services.

ITeC has the highest respect for the environment, it carries-out, as far as possible, sustainable consumption by promoting the efficient use of resources (water, energy and materials) together with correct waste management. These are measures all aimed at meeting the Sustainable Development Goals  (SDG) approved by the UN in 2015.

This quality policy is carried out by setting goals and plans of action to achieve them together with a strict following  of the quality management system.