ITeC and BIM

The Construction Sector requires a profound transformation of its processes and technologies to embark on a new stage of implementing goals that have been gaining importance in recent years: the economic viability of investments, the control of environmental impacts, with energy efficiency at the forefront, and the need to increase the degree of industrialization all demand innovative new approaches.

The implementation of BIM is one of the most promising technological challenges in sense that it will necessarily transform the activity of all stakeholders in the sector and how they interrelate.

ITeC is an organization that has represented in his Patronage to a large number of industry players and is naturally equipped to exercise a role of great significance in the process of technological innovation. Mainstreaming of the entities represented on the ITeC board placed the organization in an optimum position for performing support tasks of system regulation.

Historically, ITeC has worked extensively in the field of management systems in the construction process and digital databases with information on prices, regulation, technical certification and environmental impact. This experience is of major significance in tackling the challenges posed by the adoption of BIM, and therefore three main areas of work have been set in relation to BIM:

  • To participate in defining BIM methodologies and standards
  • To facilitate access to BIM for all stakeholders in the sector
  • To integrate ITeC products and services into BIM management