Who is interested and DAU Requirements

Who is interested in DAU?

The DAU, Document of Assessment for fitness of Use,, may be applied by manufacturers of a product/system or its legal representative. It is addressed to construction products:

  • Without a standard.
  • Which deviate significantly from their applicable standard.
  • Which are under a standard but their resulting systems aren’t.

DAU Requirements

The DAU assesses performances of products and their derived building elements on the basis of the requirements in Spanish Building Technical Code (CTE) and the basic requirements stated in European Regulation for construction products (EU) 305/2011.

  • Structural safety (mechanical resistance and stability) .
  • Safety in case of fire.
  • Hygiene, health and the environment.
  • Safety in use.
  • Protection against noise.
  • Energy economy and heat retention.
  • Sustainable use of natural resources.

If required, other functional requirements referred to durability and service conditions might also be assessed establishing them case by case.

DAU contributes to characterize the product together with the design and execution criteria and the building solutions that the technicians in charge of works may need for adopting innovative products and systems.

DAU is an alive document, open to the progress and technical evolution of products and their regulatory framework. In this sense, ITeC keeps DAU in force always updated, as changes in the products or in their reference regulations occur.