How to get a DAU

For obtaining a DAU, Document of Assessment for fitness of Use,, the interested company has to go along with a contracting process, structured in the following stages:


DAU request is accomplished by filling in a DAU application form. The request may be accepted or rejected by ITeC depending on the fulfillment of requirements from the product subject of application and according to DAU Regulation (Reglament del DAU).

ITeC notifies the applicant company whether the product subject of request has or is going to have a harmonized technical specification (ENh o EAD) valid and within the scope of DAU.


If ITeC considers that the applied product may indeed be subject of a DAU, ITeC shall submit a proposal establishing actions to be done, costs and expected terms for executing the process.

Should the application be denied, ITeC would send a written communication to the applicant.

Contract for elaborating a DAU

When the applicant accepts the proposal, ITeC shall prepare a specific contract for elaboration of a DAU.