Euroconstruct reports

ITeC is a source of information for companies that need a diagnosis of what the situation in the construction sector in Spain is, and also want reasoned hypotheses about how it can evolve in the short to medium term.

The institute keeps a constant watch on the performance of the construction sector, and publishes a multiclient report twice a year, coinciding with the Euroconstruct conferences held in December and June.

Euroconstruct is an independent research network specialized in the construction sector, where 19 European countries are analysed by the following institutes:

WIFO (Austria) EIB (Netherlands)
URS Praha (Czech Republic) PAB (Poland)
CIFS (Denmark) ITIC (Portugal)
FORECON (Finland) ÚEOS (Slovakia)
BIPE (France) ITeC (Spain)
BUILD&ECON (Hungary) KOF-ETH (Switzerland)
CRESME (Italy)

Each institute provides a country report that begins with a demographic and macroeconomic context (population, households, employment, prices, interest rates and components of GDP), which leads to a detailed analysis of the construction sector, according to the following scheme:

  • The construction sector and its components: quantification of output volumes (million €) in residential building, non residential building and civil engineering for the current year, 3 years of historical record and projections for the next 3, separately for new build and renovation work.
  • Housing: the main indicators (permits, starts, completions) of the current year with 3 years of history and forecasts for the next 3 years, splitting single family and apartment construction. Data and projections of residential stock, with ownership structure, number of unoccupied and secondary dwellings.
  • Non residential: quantification of output volumes (million €) for offices, healthcare, educational, industrial and commercial buildings. With the history of the 3 previous years and forecasts for the next 3 years.
  • Civil engineering: quantification of output volumes (million €) for transport infrastructure, energy and water works. With the history of the 3 previous years and forecasts for the next 3 years.

Finally, Euroconstruct adds the data supplied by the 19 members of the network, which is used as the basis for a comprehensive analysis of the state of the construction sector and its prospects at European level.

Purchase of Euroconstruct reports

Please visit the Euroconstruct website and look for the country representative nearest you.