R&D contributions

Sustainable construction
Environmental impacts analysis and calculation. Energy and environmental audits. Evaluation of the circular economy.

Innovative tools
Methodologies and tools for managing and making decisions with a life cycle approach – Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Life Cycle Cost (LCC). Professionals create the model of the building using databases and BIM libraries. Each object has embedded information which determines different impacts such as price or environment.

Innovative product technical orientation
Technical, regulatory and market orientation to develop innovative products/systems, those that do not have an harmonized standard.

Evaluation and technical certification of innovative product
ITeC is a TAB (Technical Assessment Body) member of the EOTA (European Organization for Technical Assessment) that issues officially recognized technical evaluation documents for innovative construction products.

Market research
Analysis of the innovation in the market for innovative products (potential consumption, competition status, positioning) to measure and improve their competitiveness.

Business model; Business plan; Fundraising process.

Capacity building
Management tools for decision-making throughout the construction process (Budgets, Work Plan, Certifications, Quality, Safety and Health, Comparison of Offers, Environmental Management, Maintenance); Construction Lean; BREAM; Building Information Modeling (BIM), Construction Product Databases.

Communication and dissemination
ITeC is representing the main stakeholders in the construction sector: public and private entities, professional and business associations, as well as universities.

Contact with innovative solutions and demonstration sites
Collaboration with innovative construction manufacturers and public and private building developers.

Professional networks membership

  • EOTA, European Organization for Technical Assessment in the area of construction products;
  • Euroconstruct, Europe’s leading construction market forecasting network;
  • FIE BDC, Standard exchange format of databases for construction;
  • OBRA, Observatory of Barcelona for architectural rehabilitation;
  • SmartLivingPlat, Technological Platform in the sector of the home automation, the inmótica and the intelligent cities;
  • AEM, Spanish association of industrial maintenance and buildings;
  • Building Smart, Non-profit association of BIM;
  • Cluster ME, Cluster of industries, services and economic activities related to the construction;
  • CLUSIC – Cluster de Seguretat Contra Incendis, Cluster of companies working in fire safety.