Recycle your building

The use of constructive sections that have a large disassembly capacity is very small compared to the capacity that actually exists for their use.

This is partly due to the fact that the databases of constructive elements used by the prescribing technicians for the drafting of their projects, do not visibly contain the information of the future dismantling and makes it impossible to have this property into account while making crucial decisions.

For the elaboration of project budgets, it is common to use existing databases of constructive elements by selecting construction works that are already defined.

ITeC is a private foundation at the service of the society that works in the field of the construction sector. Our objectives as an entity to support innovation are the generation and transfer of information and knowledge and the provision of technological services to improve the competitiveness of the agents of the construction sector: entities, companies and professionals.

We work with the will to offer databases that allow to choose more sustainable products during the process of drafting/executing a construction project and at the same time favoring green public procurement. Addressing the management of the resources of the constructive process from the perspective of the circular economy.