Program for drawing up the Book building and the maintenance planning, according to the requirements of the CTE and LOE

According to a plan previously drawn up by the application itself, the program includes a tool to manage the maintenance tasks that are carried out in one or several buildings, and to control both technically and economically that the maintenance activities are carried out within the appropriate deadlines and are met according to forecasts.

DicPla consists of three modules:

  • Building book. Maintenance Plan
  • Building book. Maintenance Plan with standard management
  • Building book. Maintenance Plan with business management

The modules can be used for different types:

  • Residential building (single family and multi-family) This type includes single-family dwellings, multi-family dwellings belonging to a community of owners and multi-family dwellings for rent.
  • Non-residential building (with specific templates for various uses of buildings) This type includes different types of buildings for public use: non-residential, hospitals, primary care centres, schools, police, courts and detention centres, social use buildings and sports facilities.
  • Urban areas This type includes outdoor spaces both public and private, such as squares, streets, common areas, etc..
  • Industrial building This type includes the industrial buildings

The Building book can be structured according to the formats:

  • Catalan area
  • Spanish area (taken as a reference the Madrid Autonomous Community)

DicPla incorporates the necessary tool to scan documents in certain sections, avoiding the need to use other applications to perform this function.