The European Regulation for construction products (EU) 305/2011, which from 1 July 2013 substitutes the construction products Directive 89/106/EEC, introduces new tools to promote the free marketing of construction products within the European single market and the improvement of the information on products characteristics and performances.

The new terminology according to the Regulation is as follows:

Directive 89/106/EEC (repealed) Regulation (EU) 305/2011
ER Essential requirements
BR Basic requirements for construction works
Essential characteristics
EC conformity declaration DoP Declaration of Performance
ETA European Technical Approval ETA European Technical Assessment
ETAG ETA Guideline EAD European Assessment Document
CUAP Common Understanding Assessment Procedure
AB Approval Body TAB Technical Assessment Body

What is an ETA?

The European Technical Assessment-ETA is the document which provides information on the technical assessment of performances of a manufacturer’s product or kit regarding the essential characteristics which are applicable for the use foreseen by the manufacturer. The ETA is elaborated in accordance with the European Assessment Document-EAD, which covers the product and its intended uses.

The ETA is the tool which enables the Declaration of Performance and the CE marking of products which:

  • Are not covered or not fully covered by a harmonised technical specification: harmonised European standard, EAD or ETA Guideline used as an EAD.
  • Are covered by an EAD or an ETA Guideline used as an EAD.

The ETA and the consequent CE marking facilitate the marketing of non-standardised innovative products both on the European and the non-European market (in the latter of non regulatory nature, but with successful technical and commercial acceptance).

How to elaborate an ETA?

The ETA elaboration process begins with the manufacturer’s request to a Technical Assessment Body-TAB, designated according to the Product Areas foreseen in Annex IV of the Regulation, for the product and use requested by the manufacturer.

ITeC, member of EOTA, has been authorised for the assessment of non-standardised innovative products since 1996 and has been designated as a TAB under the new Regulation 305/2011 since March 2013 for all Product Areas foreseen in the Regulation.


Routes for ETA execution:

  • By the elaboration of an EAD, when a product is not covered or not fully covered by a harmonised technical specification.
  • Directly, when the product is covered by
    • an EAD
    • an ETA Guideline used as an EAD

European Technical Assessments and European Technical Approvals issued by ITeC can be consulted on this web page: ETAs issued by ITeC

Note: the European Technical Approvals issued before 1 July 2013 are valid during their validity period, in accordance with Art. 66(4) of the Regulation.