Market research

The market research carried out at ITeC combines the economic approach with our knowledge of the construction market from the technical, legal, environmental and commercial points of view.

We offer different kinds of research, from the broad analysis made at sector scale up to the measurement of specific markets focused on a single type of construction product or on a specific building point where different commercial offers compete.

market study construction sector

Generic analysis of the construction sector

We quantify the rate of production of different construction segments (housing, non-residential, civil engineering) and provide future scenarios.

In this line of work, ITeC publishes twice a year the Euroconstruct report that allows an accurate tracking of the construction market in 19 European countries.

Single client studies

Generic studies provide clues about the activity levels of the big market drivers: building, renovation, civil engineering. But sometimes companies need a higher degree of detail to know how a certain segment it is behaving. The objective may be to know if a specific type of product is gaining or losing market share, or identify what are the most frequent product choices of technicians when facing a certain construction problem.

Anyone interested in carrying out a market study of this kind, fine-tuned to suit specific needs, will find in ITeC a partner that is fully immersed in the construction sector, intimately familiar with the technical and economic aspects of market supply and is also an expert in the regulatory framework affecting the industry.

Single client studies

Competitiveness of products

The objective of this kind of analysis is to predict how the market will react to a new product.

Depending on the nature of the product, its level of development and its degree of novelty in the market, we can suggest different methods of contrast. They can range from finding references in the field of intellectual property, carrying out comparative analysis with local or remote competitors, or concept-testing the new product to check how it will be perceived by its potential specifiers.

Ultimately, we can identify how a product can be fine-tuned before being marketed, in order to maximize its competitive advantages from a technical, legal, environmental and commercial standpoint.

Competitiveness of products