Support for innovation

Innovation in construction products, whether the production of new products or the development of new features or uses etc. in existing products, requires appropriate tools and organisations to assess and certify these innovations.

ITeC offers manufacturers Innovation Guidance services, designed to facilitate the marketing of innovative products with the utmost precision, security and confidence, both at a national and international level.

The following two situations have been identified:

DESIGN phase
(product design)
Concepción - diseño del producto Guided innovation:
Product requirement report
  • Reduction of time to market
  • Reducción of technological and comercial risks
  • Innovation directed towards certification and market requirements (precursos of the certification)
  • Access to public subsidies
DEVELOPMENT and VALIDADATION phase visto-verde Product appraisal report


ITeC services during the product design phase

  • Product design validation
  • Identification of technical, regulatory, market and marketing requirements, etc.
  • Specification of the benchmark metodologies for product validation

Design validation report
requirement report

This work includes preliminary data for product design as well as validation methodology.

ITeC services in the product development and validation phase

  • Assessment for the most critical requirements of the product in prototype phase.
  • Analysis of the product technical maturity: fulfilment of requirements, product technical documentation, installation conditions, factory production control, etc.
  • Identification of the construction components or elements relating to the product during installation, requisites of components and suppliers in kits and complex systems, etc.

Product appraisal report

This work is used to validate the product and prepare for the subsequent certification process.