Further progress with the HomeSkin project

The HomeSkin project was a special guest at the ITeC stand at the Barcelona Building Construmat trade fair at Fira Barcelona from 23 to 26 May. This year’s trade fair was marked by a clear commitment to innovation as the key to the […]

The ITeC issues new ETAs, modifications and conversions

The ITeC has issued two new ETA (European Technical Assessment) certificates, one modification and one conversion of a DITE certification to an ETA. […]

ITeC issues the 17/104 DAU to BASF for the new Elastospray polyurethane foam

ITeC has granted the Document of Assessment for fitness of Use (DAU) to BASF Española SL for the following product:

  • DAU 17/104 to Elastospray LWP 1672/1: IsoPMDI 92140

A two-component closed-cell polyurethane foam system applied in situ for thermal insulation which also contributes […]

Progress in the European Assessment Documents

More than 100 European Assessment Documents-EAD have been published in the Official Journal of the European Union in the latest communication from the Commission (2017/C 118/04).

In the published list, there are EADs from 24 different product areas, both for construction works and civil engineering […]

ITeC library of generic BIM objects

At ITeC we have drawn on our proven experience in the standardization and development of databases and in the certification of products and systems for the construction industry to develop a standard for the creation of BIM objects.

On the basis of this standard we […]

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29 new European Assessment Documents have been published

In the 11th report from ITeC EOTA Office, the main topic is the publication of 29 new European Assessment Documents (EAD) in the Official Journal of the European Union, since January this year. The Report includes the references and titles of these new EAD and also the approval of a proposal to modify Annex II of the Construction Products Regulation, by the EOTA Technical Board. […]

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