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Due to the beginning of the resumption phase on the way to the new normal, the facilities of the ITeC Foundation are back operating, despite the fact that many of our staff will continue to work remotely to offer the same service.

You can contact all our departments by:

Technical Support and Training Department (if you need technical support)

Morning (8:30 a 14:00)
+34 935 072 500
+34 933 093 404 (switchboard)

Afternoon (15:00 a 18:00)
+34 685 523 719
+34 692 064 951
+34 653 341 683
+34 933 093 404 (switchboard)

Remote Support
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Commercial Department (If you want us to register any licenses or install our software)

+34 933 093 404 (switchboard)

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Also, through our social media, Facebook, Twitter o LinkedIn.

Department of Evaluation and certification of innovative products

The exceptional situation caused by COVID-19 pandemic modifies the follow-up planning of the evaluation activities and verification of the certificates issued by ITeC.

Following the recommendations of the health authorities, trips and face to face meetings will be avoided. In order for this circumstance not to be a grievance for companies that are in the process of renewing their certificates and evaluations, the ITeC Management has made the following decision:

  • While the state of alert lasts, planned follow-ups will be performed whenever technically possible “remotely”.
  • Only in cases where this auditing is not possible, the follow-ups will be postponed until the end of the state of alarm. During this period, the certificates will be valid.

For any question or clarification do not hesitate to contact us.
+34 933 093 404 (switchboard)

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