Life Cycle Assessment from BIM, BC3, and more

From a IFC file

Take out your data from a BIM model exported to IFC from any modelling software in the market and you will find out a new way to work in your company to calculate the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment).

Access companies databases with environmental information you need for your own personalized calculation. All company environmental information is free of charge in your LCA assessment.

ITeC offers you the opportunity to step into this ever more complicated world in a simple way. Once the door is open the possibilities are unlimited. Begin with an LCA, and go on to future consumption, dismantling, greenest companies near you and a host of other possibilities as yet undiscovered.

BC3 format

If you already use digitalization tools for budgeting and the data is exportable to BC3 format, you will be able to calculate the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) and the LCC (Life Cycle Costing) with TCQi GMA without changing any work methodology in your company.

ITeC makes it easy to any company ready to embark into the environmental responsibility.