Environmental information of products and systems

Commitment to the environment

  • Environmental communication is undoubtedly a rising value in various aspects of our society and, therefore, also in Construction: it is the expression of the commitment of a respectful activity with the environment, which is inserted in of tendencies of transparency, traceability and social responsibility.
  • ITeC has always been a sensitive entity with these objectives and has been a leader in some initiatives related to the reduction of environmental impacts, always providing useful tools to the different agents of the sector.
  • One of these tools, BEDEC (Structured Data Bank of Constructive Elements) has environmental data since 2004, which allow us to know impact values related to CO2 emissions, manufacturing energy, waste generated, content of recycled, and others that will be gradually incorporated to complete the most used indicators in the analysis of the life cycle.
  • This web page takes a step further. It allows technicians, designers, builders, and users in general, to analyze the environmental information that product manufacturer companies make available, ordering concepts with the aim of becoming a powerful platform for environmental communication.
  • In this context we can not forget that:
    • The European Regulation of Construction Products (EU 305/2011) requires construction works to be constructed with a sustainable use of materials.
    • The public administrations begin to demand in the projects they promote, a report on the CO2 emissions generated and the energy consumption of the products that intervene in the construction process.
    • Sustainable building certifications require environmental product information (VERDE, BREEAM, DGNB, LEED… among others), these environmental data make it easier to obtain any of these certifications.
    • In Catalonia, the Decree of Eco-efficiency determines that at least one family of products used in the construction of the building must have a guarantee of environmental quality of the Generalitat of Catalonia, an ecological label of the Union European, AENOR Medioambiente brand, or any other type I ecological label, in accordance with UNE-EN ISO 14.024/2018 or type III standard, in accordance with UNE-EN ISO 14.025/2010.