Innovative product assessment and certification

Depending on the level of product development, manufacturers will find the service best suited to their needs in ITeC.

Stage of product life ITeC services Advantages for the company
(product design)
Concepción - diseño del producto Guided innovation:
Report on product requirements
  • Reduction of time to market
  • Reduction of technological and commercial risks
  • Innovation directed towards certification and market requisites (precursor of certification)
  • Access to public subsidies
  • Non-repetition of validation + certification trials
Development and validation  Concepción - Desarrollo y validación Product appraisal report
(European area)
ETE - Evaluación Técnica Europea

Marcado CE

European Technical Assessment
Manufacturing verification (AVCP):
CE Marking
  • Passport for free circulation in the European Market
  • Acces to other international markets
  • Diferentiation of the product with regard to competitors
(Spanish area)
Certificación DAU DAU
Usage Adaptation Document
  • Fulfilment of the CTE or other compulsory Spanish regulations
  • Integral product assessment (design and implementation criteria, construction solutions)
  • Facilitates product prescription with regard to: technical control bodies, designers, installers
(Spanish area)
Certificación ApTO ApTO for installation companies
  • Certification of the construction system installation
  • Trademark recognised by the CTE
  • Risk and time reduction during building work
  • Improved visibility of the installation company

ITeC offers manufacturers:

  • Technical and methodological precision in assessment processes, in accordance with coordinated European criteria.
  • Flexibility to adapt assessment to the needs of manufacturers, according to product usage and target markets, including the level of development (ranging from the product design validation phase to the certification and marketing phases).
  • Wide experience in European assessment of innovative products.
    • Active member of EOTA since 1997.
    • Participant in numerous EOTA workshops and bodies.
    • Wide experience in the development of EADs – European Assessment Documents, for singular innovative products lacking any coordinated technical references.
  • Additional services for certification, directed towards increasing promotion and prescription of the certified product:
    • Promotional activities
    • Inclusion in the ITeC BBDD-BIM
    • Certification of product installation companies (ApTO)
    • Issuing of the DAU/ETE/CE certificates in other languages

ITeC, as a specialised construction body, offer manufacturers a range of services which will guide them from the first stages of product design to the final marketing and promotion in the marketplace.


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