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  • The construction sector is responsible for 36% of global final energy consumption, nearly 40% of total direct and indirect CO2 emissions and over 45% of waste generation. Energy demand from buildings and buildings construction continues to rise, driven by improved access to energy in developing countries, greater ownership and use of energy-consuming devices, and rapid growth in global buildings floor area, at nearly 3% per year.
  • We are living in a rapidly changing world, ITeC is fully committed to using the advantages and opportunities that technology offers us to accept our environmental responsibility. By applying ITeC methodology in our companies, whether as an Architect, Constructor, Promotor, Facility manager, etc…we will be aware of the impacts our activity is causing to the environment. This methodology is easy to establish in the day to day of your company thanks to the TCQiGMA software.

Measuring environmental impact easily

TCQi GMA allows you to elaborate the necessary documents from the study of management of construction and demolition waste and analyze the various environmental impacts caused by the construction materials and their construction work throughout the entire life cycle.

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Environmental Database (LCA, Material Passport, % Recyclability, local impact…)

BEDEC database, has environmental data since 2004, which allow you to know impact values related to CO2 emissions, manufacturing energy, waste generated, recycled content, and other indicators used in the life-cycle assessment. All databases prepared by ITeC provide easy use to end consumers. The use of ITeC databases eliminates the need to incorporate manual data in Construction Work models

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Maximum results minimum effort

ITeC offers you the opportunity to step into this ever more complicated world in a simple way. Once the door is open the possibilities are unlimited. Begin with an LCA, and go on to future consumption, dismantling, greenest companies near you and a host of other possibilities as yet undiscovered.

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