Project Description


Study for the implementation of virtual modeling and the generation of new derivative business models in manufacturers of products for building equipment

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The Bimdustry 4.0 project was designed to identify opportunities for intersectoral projects and generate new competitive advantages in the industry of the building equipment sector (scope of the participating AEIs) based on emerging collaborative digital methodologies. The project is based on virtual reality and collaborative work on simulated computer models that open new possibilities to the participants in the design, construction or maintenance phases of the buildings and allow to contribute more value in the successive decision making along the life cycle of buildings.

The ITeC services were contracted to analyze the standardization of BIM objects in different countries and to compare the existing references with the needs of the industrial fabric of the companies represented. Based on the analysis carried out, the project participants have been able to propose a common basis for future strategies in the adoption of BIM standards.

ITeC‘s work also consisted of studying the interoperability between the different standards and formats so that manufacturers and interested agents could make decisions about the digitalization of their products in an orderly manner.

In relation to the generation of knowledge and dissemination of the project, ITeC participated in a conference at the headquarters of ACCIÓ on 13.02.2019 (Barcelona) to explain the scope of the ECoB standard for the creation of BIM objects and to energize an ideas collection workshop on how to promote the BIM among the members of the project cluster.

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