ITeC has the notification for carrying out certification activities for eight European Assessment Documents. The European Assessment Document or EAD is the harmonized standard for the certification of innovative products. This means that ITeC is currently the number-one body for EAD notifications in Spain.

At present the acknowledgment received from the notifying body is for the following documents:

  • 130005-00-0304: Solid wood slab used as a structural element in buildings.
  • 050009-00-0301: Spherical and cylindrical bearing with special sliding material made of fluoropolymer.
  • 150002-00-0301: Calcium aluminate-based refractory cement.
  • 090020-00-0404: Kits for external wall claddings made of agglomerated stone.
  • 340006-00-0506: Prefabricated stair kits.
  • 040138-00-1201: In-situ formed loose-fill thermal insulation material made of cotton fibres.
  • 330196-00-0604: Plastic anchors for fixing of external thermal insulation composite systems with rendering.
  • 040456-00-1201: In-situ formed loose-fill thermal and / or acoustic insulation material made of animal fibres.

Once ITeC has received the EAD notification, it is published on the NANDO,  website alongside all the previous notifications. NANDO (New Approach Notified and Designated Organisations) is the website through which the European Commission provides information on the authorized agents involved in the official CE marking of products.

ITeC is also notified for accredited certification activities with respect to all those ETA (European Technical Approval) guidelines (ETAG) for construction products that are still valid in accordance with Regulation No. (EU) 305/2011.

To date we have issued more than 90 certificates to allow manufacturers to apply the CE marking to their products.

The process of Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance is carried out by the AVCP Department at ITeC.