At ITeC we have drawn on our proven experience in the standardization and development of databases and in the certification of products and systems for the construction industry to develop a standard for the creation of BIM objects.

On the basis of this standard we have now begun to build up a library of generic (non-trademarked) BIM objects, and the first selection of these was presented at the BBConstrumat 2017 in Barcelona in May.

The first part of the generic library comprises some 60 objects representing basic building elements used in the construction field (surface foundations, portico structures, exterior and interior enclosures, roofs, doors and windows, false ceilings and floors).

This first set of objects will be followed by successive extensions to offer a range of different typologies, materials and construction systems used in building and civil engineering.

The standard will be made available to professionals, organizations, associations and companies active in construction who find it useful in fostering excellence in a solid and compatible collaborative environment.

The objects contain the precise detailed information needed to make measurements and draw up budgets from the BEDEC database.

All of the objects are available in three formats:

  • Native 1: For Autodesk Revit 2015 and Bentley AECOsim
  • Native 2: For ArchiCAD 19
  • IFC 2 × 3 Coordination View