Licino Alfaro, Head of the Department of Sustainable Construction at ITeC, gave a talk at the Vienna Congress on Sustainable Building on the introduction of environmental indicators in the construction sector with the aid of the BEDEC database and TCQiGMA environmental management software. The database has incorporated three key indicators for energy consumption, CO2 emissions and waste management.

The conclusions of the paper are:

ITeC has the capacity to generate the environmental data of any construction work by means of the TCQiGMA cloud-based programme environmental management, which in conjunction with the online database of the BEDEC allows the user to share this information with others and also to create their own data.

This provides greater flexibility in the exchange of information between the various project agents during the entire process from draft design of to work on site (specifications, planning and monitoring of construction, etc).

The ultimate purpose is to enhance the interconnection between the construction elements on the databases with the information model of the construction in order to improve the design process, to ensure rapid access to information and to achieve the necessary control and coherence in the documentation of a project.

ITeC is currently developing generic data for the entire range of construction products, and the medium-term objective is for all of the companies that work with construction products to develop their own environmental data, but in the meantime all construction products will have environmental data (with an EPD Environmental Product Declaration or similar).

access to the paper (pp. 52–62)