Barcelona City Council, Comsa Emte, Aqualogy and TRAM join the sponsorship of the event

The 16th, 17th and 18th of September 2015, the Catalonia Institute of Construction Technology-ITeC (Conference, 17th and 18th) and Roca Barcelona Gallery (Workshop, 16th) will host the Lean In the Public Sector Conference 2015 – LIPS 2015, promoted by the Project Production System Laboratory from the University of Berkeley, the Lean Construction Institute and the Spanish Group for Lean Construction, and organized by ITeC, Bimetric, and Infraestructures de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

The objectives of the LIPS 2015 Conference are to spread and promote the application of Lean thinking in the construction sector. The Conference is addressed to those agents supplying construction services in the public and other sectors.

LIPS Conference 2015 will gather together some of the most worldwide recognised experts in Lean Constrution, such as Glean Ballard, from the University of California and co-founder of the Lean Construction Institute, Graeme Shaw, from Transport for London, Derek Drysdale, from Lean Construction Institute UK or Alan Mossman, from the Nottingham-Trent University.

BIM and Lean: synergies and coordination

BIM (Building Information Modeling) process supports technologically a great number of Lean principles. The use of BIM and Lean in the same project allows working in a more collaborative and integrative way in order to guarantee a better decision taking.

Comsa Emte, Barcelona City Council, Aqualogy, Roca Barcelona Gallery and TRAM, sponsoring the Conference

The company Comsa Emte, Barcelona City Council, Aqualogy, Roca Barcelona Gallery and TRAM are the oficial sponsors of the LIPS 2015 Conference, which has the support of the Department of Territory and Sustainability (Government of Catalonia), and the magazines DPArquitectura and Infoconstrucción as a media partners.

*Image: Cathedral Hill Hospital Project. San Francisco, CA. Project with a budget of more than one billion dollars and developed with Lean methodology.

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